The company Surbus has urban lines that connect the city of Almería and university. Also there are many taxi companies in the city.



The city bus company of Almeria, Surbus, has several lines connecting the city of Almería and university. The lines of interest are:

- Line 11: Zapillo – Universidad – Nueva Andalucía.

- Line 12: Nueva Andalucía – Universidad – Zapillo.

- Line 18: Torrecárdenas – Centro – Universidad – Costacabana.

On weekdays the frequency of the bus lines varies between 15 and 23 minutes. However, on Saturday the frequency is every 30 minutes, and on Sundays and public holidays the frequencies vary between 30 and 60 minutes.


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The city of Almería taxi services are:

- Teletaxi: (+34) 950 251111 – (+34) 686 252525. Web:

- Radiotaxi: (+34) 950 222222 – (+34) 950 226161. Web:

- Taxialmería: (+34) 637 406407. Web:

You can use WhatsApp service with Teletaxi.



The official points of arrival and departure pick up service are the next:

- International Airport of Almería.

- Intermodal Station of Almería.

- Port of Almería.



Ctra. de Níjar, Km. 9

04130 El Alquián (Almería)

- Line 22: Station Intermodal – Aeropuerto – Alquián.

Almería airport is located 9 kilometres east of the capital, 500 meters from the coast. The bus line 22 links the airport with the centre of the city of Almería. The service operates every day of the year. Estimated duration of trip: 35 minutes. The airport is just 15 km from the city centre.

- Stops at the airport: Bus stops.

- Schedule:

· Departures from the airport: 07:25, 08:35, 09:45, 10:55, 12:05, 13:15, 14:25, 16:35, 17:45, 18:55, 20:05, 21:15, 22:25.

· Departures from Almería: 06:45, 07:55, 09:05, 10:15, 11:25, 12:35, 13:45, 14:55, 17:05, 18:15, 19:25, 20:35, 21:45.

- Information phone: 950 170 050.




Plaza de la Estación, S/N

04006 Almería

The train station and the bus station are the same terminal.




Autoridad Portuaria de Almería

Muelle de Levante S/N

04001 Almería

The Port of Almería is located in the city centre. It has regular lines with several cities in the north of Africa.




Situated on the bay of the same name Almería is a luminous city, with a population of over 200.000, whose origins go back a long way into the past. Presided over by its impressive castle "the Alcazaba", a Moorish fortification created in the 9th century, uneven in appearance, from its battlemented parapets there is an extraordinary panoramic view of the city and the port. At the feet of the castle is the most typical district: La Chanca with its colourful and picturesque houses.

Almería has been consolidated with the passage of the years as the place of Europe with more hours of sunshine per year, exceeding 3,000. United to their warm temperatures, with average annual temperature is around 19ºC and the sea in winter, warmer than the air, invite you to enjoy every corner of the province during the year. Almeria's climate is subtropical, Mediterranean and warm. Its most outstanding feature is its sky, almost always sunny and a bright blue colour that has made the province and set a perfect setting to capture thousands of photographs, shooting hundreds of films, commercials and music videos. Given the

wonderful mild climate in Almería, it makes that a tourist destination all the year where you can schedule a holiday original, which enjoy such as beaches as any other type of activities or active sports and cultural visits about its artistic heritage, natural resources, landscapes and caves and prehistoric deposits that makes Almeria stands out for its monuments and cultural interest places.

Almería is a city that faces the sea, and for this reason the port forms part of the city in its physiognomy and its daily life. Within the port, the mineral landing pier, known as “El Cable” is especially interesting.

In the centre, the Cathedral, built as a fortress to protect the city from pirate attacks, has an interesting interior. Furthermore you can visit the Nicolás Salmerón Park, the city centre (Paseo de Almería), Puerta de Purchena square, the old Square (Plaza Vieja) or the Virgin of the Sea Square (Plaza de la Virgen del Mar).

Almería also has good beaches (Coast of Almeria) for enjoying the sun and part of its area is included in the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park, a place of great ecological and scenic interest due to its abundant vegetation and for its ornithological importance. Also in Almería is located the only desert in hole Europe.

The cuisine of Almeria has a long tradition of “tapas”. You can eat tapas because is a local custom but also because it is cheap. Compared to Madrid or Barcelona, in Almeria you can eat three tapas and only pay 6 or 7 euros and have already eaten. So...let's go “de tapas” in Almeria!

Sport is very popular in the region, and Almería is home to two major professional sports teams: UD Almería in football and Unicaja Almería in volleyball. Sports activities are also appreciated by the students. The main success in sport event has been the organization of the XV Mediterranean Games Almeria 2005.

The University of Almeria (UAL) is a public institution which promotes outstanding research and teaching within the European Higher Education Area, offering many international programmes throughout the world.