-Opening hours:
Superstores: Carrefour, Auchan, Urende ... from 10h to 22h
Shop and other supermarkets from 9am to 2am and 5am to 8am
Utilities: post office, health centers ... from 9am to 2am
Banks: in general from 8am to 2am, with some variations depending on the day and the concrete company.

- Tapas
It is typical to have a beer with tapas, included in the price. People usually accompanies tops rations as casual dining. It consists of hot and cold portions of delicious dishes.

- Gastronomy
A custom urban areas is eating crumbs when it rains. In Almería are made with semolina flour. It is accompanied by "tripping": radish, herring or fish, sausage, chorizo, fried peppers and small portions of fried ribs.

- Opening times: Lunch
Breakfast is taken in the morning until about 12
The food takes place between 1 and 4 pm
Dinner is taken between 8 and 11 pm

- Festivities
Most towns, cities and the capital of the province held a party for a few days, usually in honor of their patron saint. There are activities such as dances, paella, bullfights, children's games and competitions, attractions for children and adults and outdoor bars serving tapas. More information on the web http://fiestas.net/almeria

Almeria is the sunniest capital of Spain, with a total of 3000 hours of sunshine annually. The average temperature is 18/19 ° C and the sea during the winter is warmer than the air, perfect for swimming. The climate is subtropical, Mediterranean, warm and dry. Its most outstanding feature is a bright cloudless sky.



- Rent of a bedroom of a flat: 170-250 €/month.

- A piece of bread: 0,50 €.

- A litre of milk: 0,80 €.

- A cup of coffee in a bar: 1,10 €.

- A beer (25 cl.) with a “tapa” in a bar: 2 €.

- A daily’s menu in an ordinary bar or restaurant (It usually includes 2 dishes, a salad, some bread, a drink, a dessert and a cup of coffee): 8-12 €.

- A menu in a fast food restaurant: 6 €.

- Having a dinner in a restaurant: 15-20 €.

- An alcoholic drink in a disco or pub: 6 €.

- A packet of Virginia cigarettes: 3,80-4,50 €.

- A newspaper: 1-1,20 €.

- A cinema ticket: 4-6 €.

- A soft drink in a drinks machine: 1 €.

- An ordinary bus ticket: 1,05 €.

- A taxi’s route since the airport to the city centre (20 minutes): 15 €.

- A litre of petrol: 1,50 €.

- Internet Wi-Fi: 30 €/month.

- Gym: 30 €/month.

- Rent of a football indoor ground: 10 €/hour.


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